Welcome to Silm Centre for Mental Health.

Silm means peace. We believe that as individuals, we are each searching for well-being and acceptance. For peace. We work with a philosophy that so much of what causes pain and distress in this world is connected to what goes on outside of the individual person. By taking this approach, finding peace and achieving well-being is not only about working on the self, but recognizing that society needs to change as well. We aim to work on both.

Silm Centre for Mental Health is a place where you will be heard, acknowledged, and understood. Our expertise lies in working with individuals who are having difficulties with their mental health and/or well-being. We create and hold space for people to share and reflect. We also leverage evidence-based approaches to ensure that we are providing the best care and support for each client we see. We know that each person we meet is unique—each person comes with their own gifts, strengths, challenges, values and experiences. We seek to get to know you for who you are, and we accept you just the way you are.

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Silm Centre for Mental Health offers a variety of services with the goal of promoting mental health and well-being. These include:

Individual, Couple and Family Psychotherapy

Group Psychotherapy

ADHD Coaching

Assessments for Mental Illness, Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Autism, FASD, and more

Teaching, Public Speaking, and Facilitating

Consultation, Program and Policy Development and Evaluation

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Silm Centre for Mental Health
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