Media and Webinars

Check out the Silm Centre for Mental Health team as we share information about therapy skills, including managing anxiety and depression, self-care, and how to support your and others’ mental health.


Dr. Taslim discusses racism and mental health, and how we can work towards being better allies.
In this video, Dr. Taslim walks us through ways that we can engage in self-care and manage our well-being when engaging in physical/social distancing.

In this video, Dr. Taslim provides strategies for increasing productivity and promoting mental health while working from home.
In this video, Yasene encourages us to maintain physical activity while spending time at home. She explains the role of movement in promoting our mental health.
In this video, Nabiha seeks to support parents as families navigate explaining COVID-19 at home as well as promoting mental health amongst youth at home.
In this video, Alessia and Mona explain to us ways that we can continue to live by our values, regardless of our circumstances. They use strategies from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to demonstrate how we can know our values and live by them.
In this video, Dr. Taslim Alani-Verjee explains why the unknown can be so challenging, and shows us ways that we can cope with this uncertain time.
In this webinar, Dr. Taslim Alani-Verjee will explain how to understand our experience of grief, and ways that we can cope with and process grief. She will share some signs of complicated grief, and when it may be advisable to see out professional support to help with grief management.


CTV News National – June 22 – Dr. Taslim discusses police involvement with mental illness.
Dr. Taslim discusses the ways in which our grieving has had to change due to COVID-19, and what we can do about it.
Dr. Taslim discusses the impact of COVID-19 on health workers and first responders.
Dr. Taslim discusses the effects of extensive screen time on our mental health, and ways that we can manage our well-being during this time.


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