Silm Centre for Mental Health offers a variety of services with the goal of promoting mental health and well-being. These include:

Individual Psychotherapy: this is what we typically know as therapy or counselling. Psychotherapy can take many forms, and can look very different for each client and for each clinician. If looking for something specific (e.g., CBT), let us know so that we can make sure we find the best clinician for you.

We offer a sliding scale, and our rates range from $90 to $240.

Group Psychotherapy: group psychotherapy involves participating in therapy with other individuals who are experiencing similar difficulties. This approach to therapy is effective because it allows for opportunities to learn from others, to feel validated in one’s experiences, and to engage in problem solving with others.

Assessment: psychological assessment helps to answer questions about what is going on with a person’s mental health. Generally the goal of a psychological assessment is to clarify the presence of mental illness and to make recommendations for how a person’s well-being can be increased.

We see clients through WSIB, the Interim Federal Health Program for Refugees, Veterans, Canadian Armed Forces, and the RCMP, and Indigenous Peoples through the Non-Insured Health Benefits government program (NIHB). Victims of crime are also eligible for funding for therapy through Victim Services. Post-secondary students who are struggling with their academics may be eligible for funding for a psychoeducational assessment to determine the presence of a Learning Disorder. All of our services are Psychological Services provided by a Psychologist, and these services are often covered by extended health benefits plans, and this is another way to access funding for psychological services. For more information about these programs and your eligibility, please contact us.

Teaching, Public Speaking, and Facilitating: we believe that one of the most effective ways of promoting mental health and well-being is through the sharing of knowledge. This is why we seek to teach at every opportunity we can get. This means teaching in classrooms, libraries, community centres, and much more. We specialize in talking about self-care and burnout, mental health stigma, cultural competence, anti-oppression, and understanding mental illness and ways to care for oneself.

Consultation, Program and Policy Development and Evaluation: we engage in consultation to support companies and organizations make mental health services more accessible. This includes developing programs and policy to support mental health, engaging in training, and offering mental health services. All of our services are specific to the companies and organizations with whom we work