Meet Jennifer


Jennifer Bautista, our newest Medical Administrative Assistant on our team. Jen brings with her not only years of experience in healthcare services but also a deep passion for supporting individuals on their mental health journeys. Her genuine care and empathetic nature align perfectly with our practice’s mission of providing compassionate care.⁠ Jen’s journey to excellence includes a Bachelor’s degree from Centro Escolar University, a testament to her dedication to the field. Utilizing her rich experience in healthcare administration, Jen adeptly fosters communication and upholds an orderly workflow within the clinic. She recognizes the significance of streamlined coordination, guaranteeing smooth collaboration among all team members. This ultimately leads to an improved level of patient care and heightened satisfaction. Jen harbors a profound commitment to raising awareness about mental health. She actively plays a role in advancing the clinic’s mission of destigmatizing mental health concerns and fostering a deeper comprehension of the subject.⁠